Email Marketing

Email Marketing that Just Makes Sense


My experience in online marketing started with email marketing. I saw my first HTML email message in late 1999 thinking it was a thing of beauty that could transform direct communications. I was not alone. Back then, all of the marketing managers I presented to in my previous role had the same opinion and the… Read more »

Investing Time in Those That Want to Take Time

Investing Time and Money

It would seem that fishing has now gone all hi-tech. The other day, while wandering along a stretch of Coromandel beach with my ageing and mad Spaniel, I noticed a couple on their quad bike carrying what look like to be a orange torpedo down to the water’s edge. Mello, my Spaniel, was as interested… Read more »

Noteworthy Website Marketing News – November 2012 Video

Location Targeting

Every month we hold a customer conference call that all of our customers are invited to join. At the beginning of these conference calls we have a section on what is new in the online marketing world that we believe is worthy of your attention. Below is a video of the introduction of Novembers conference… Read more »

Is Email Marketing Dead?

dead email

“So is email marketing dead?” Not one of the first questions I was expecting from the group in front of me but, nevertheless, one worthy of a deep breath before I hacked out a response. Here I was co-tutoring a course on email marketing for the University of Auckland and 15 minutes into my first… Read more »

What the iPhone 5 Means For Savvy Website Marketers


The Apple iPhone 5 is coming to NZ and most website owners are missing out on the opportunity this represents as it adds to the rushing tide of Kiwi Smartphone use. But first let’s just cast our mind back to when it all started.  It wasn’t all that long ago.  In fact the first iPhone… Read more »

Optimising a High Volume Email Campaign Management Process


Five Common Stumbling Blocks to Optimising a High Volume Email Campaign Management Process and How to Avoid Them We always recommend email marketing to be part of every online marketing plan. Somewhere, in some way, there will be a requirement to talk to either prospects or customers on a reasonably regular basis via email. For… Read more »

Video July 2012 Website Marketing Update


Each month we invite customers along to our conference call.  This month we talked about the use of Video in your Online Marketing.  At the start of the call we run through any “new stuff” that we think is worthy of attention.  Here’s a clip of the “new stuff” we covered in July.

Baking your way to e-Commerce Achievement

e-commerce success

I am reliably told that successful baking is a lot like chemistry. All you need to do is follow the instructions, add in the right ingredients in the right order and you are all set to create the same successful outcome of your “experiment” every time. Somehow, it never seems to work the same way… Read more »

Email Marketing after 12 Hours in a Confined Tube

email tube

Early this month I did the overseas conference thing with email marketing. It was a couple of years since I last attended and a lot had changed in email land since then. So I decided that it was again time to spend 12 hours in a confined silver tube to experience all there was from… Read more »