Free Report – Beyond the Website Black Hole, The Website Transformation Experience

If you’re the owner of “brick and mortar” service business in NZ
you need to get your website to work harder for you.

Whether you’re a lawyer, accountant, engineer or software developer, you want your website to generate more qualified leads than it does now.

This article is in the form of a conversation with one of our many clients that explains in layman’s language what is wrong with their website marketing and what they need to do to make it better.

In the article we explore:

  • Why your website may be a “black hole” that sucks time and resources but produces very little results.
  • Group-1
  • The importance of tracking web activity so that you understand what your website is doing (or failing to do)
  • How to determine what your web visitors are doing (or not doing) on your site.
  • Why your site needs to be optimized to attract the right potential clients to your business.
  • How to increase the chances of your business being found on Google.
  • How to increase your website’s leverage by improving your website conversion percentage.

So, if you want to see better results from your website, I invite you to download the article and see where to start first.

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